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Fine Architectural Metalsmiths
does forge work and fine hand construction in iron, bronze, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. We work in all aspects of fine metals design, from traditional and contemporary forge work to mixed media with art glass, copper fold-form, trompe l’oeil, enameling, and specialty finishes. We sculpt one-off or limited edition castings in bronze and other materials. But our specialty is bringing new ideas to the design process, merging traditional technique with new motifs.

We have been honored with many prestigious design awards for our traditional and restoration forge work, and for our explorative new pieces.  We bring our decades of experience to each new project, working to create site-specific architectural metal works in the rich vocabulary of warmth, strength and polish that the metals provide.

The Galleries on the iceforge website are an introduction to our standards and wide range of work, and they are a starting point for discussion and ideas about your project.  See About Us, in the drop-down menu above, for more information about our story and working with us.

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