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Elegance, security, and privacy—the entrance gate is the public face of your private space. The well-designed gate is a
canvas in metal, from elegant minimalism to a nod to the history of architecture and design.

With so many possibilities, there is never a reason to have an inelegant driveway gate to welcome you home.





Top Job Award Beech Tree Gate
Graceful branches form the upper frame of this gate, and the textured trunk splits into two halves as the gate opens. This gate has been copied and modified, because the essential gesture of the tree in iron is an opportunity for sculpture in the landscape.
Award winner.
Beech Tree Gate detail Beach Tree Gate Installed Beech Tree Gate Installed


Top Job Award Dakota Gate
Careful reconstruction of the landmark gate at the main Dakota entrance at 72nd St. created this 5-part pedestrian gate for the inner courtyard.  Renaissance scrolls, rosettes, massive faux hinges, and the crowning finial were forged in pure iron. Acanthus leaves and rosettes were cast in silicon bronze from repoussed copies of the originals, and electronics were hidden behind a panel of Renaissance sheet metal work.
Award winner.
Dakota Gate detail Dakota Gate installed Dakota Gate ajar


Top Job Award Eagle Gate
A sculpted gate of nesting eagles are painted with full-scale trompe-l’oeil realism. The Calderesque line drawings suggest tree lines, shadows, and high mountain ranges.
Award winner.
Eagle Gate detail Eagle Gate installed Left gate panel of Eagle Gate Right gate panel of Eagle Gate


Award Double Maple Gate
We wanted to keep the gate structure subtle in this challenging double tree gate. We forged and formed the “tree trunk” to split into fence posts and gate frame when open. To minimize weight, branches were forged hollow, with die-forged leaves. Stainless steel fittings at the base of the tree trunk posts make this gate and side wings removable to accommodate the occasional large machine.
Award Winner.


Puzzle Gate
Portable and lockable access control gate. Patented.  Unlike chain, the Puzzle Gate cannot be cut with a bolt cutter.  Comes in 5 standard widths, with mounting hardware.
Puzzle Gate detail Puzzle Gate installed


Garden Gate
Wheat grasses weave through the crisp architecture of a double garden gate with a leaf handled latch. Four robust brackets hold a bronzed lantern framed by the gate’s center curve.
Garden Gate detail Garden Gate installed Garden Gate installed detail


Bronzed Beech Gate
A bronzed beech marks the entrance to a cobblestoned allee, in a silhouette of asymmetrical form and detailed leaves
Tree Gate detail Tree gate installed Tree Gate installed perspective Tree Gate


Fertility Gate
Castings of an original West African akua’ba, or fertility goddess, with original carving marks intact,  fittingly adorn the lines of this art nouveau style gate.
Fertility Gate detail Fertility Gate


Gothic Gate
A careful rust patina suggests antiquity for this gothic gate with its forged rosettes and verticals placed on the diagonal.
Gothic Gate detail Gothic Gate Gothic Gate installed


Iris Gate
Three-dimensional irises, leaf blades, and horizontal water lines create a soft, flowing design that meets code spacing requirements
Iris Gate detail Iris Gate installed Variation of Iris Gate installed Iris Gate


Medallion Gate
Castings from original carvings on a landmark Hudson Valley property were bronzed, patinated, and fitted into this monumental arched entrance gate.    
Medallion Gate detail Medallion Gate installed Medaalion Gate archway


Rose Gate
A bouquet of trompe-l’oeil roses, tapered scrolls, and a gothic transom. A fine wire mesh laminate protects the garden house interior.
Rose Gate detail Rose Gate installed


Classical Symmetry Gate
Classical 18th century motifs are mirrored in this graceful gate for a private driveway. The four-part design repetition creates a pleasing subtle symmetry.
Classical Symmetry Gate detail Classical Symmetry Gate


Gate Privacy by Design
The artful turn of thin edge against broad flat creates line and form, open space and flat barrier. View this gate from off-center, and the thin lines of open form close visually to a shuttered privacy.
Privacy by Design Gate detail Gate Privacy by Design Privacy by Design Gate installed


Country Estate Fencing and Gate
Banded circles, powerfully tapered picket tops, and a lower panel of traditional wavy pickets complete the sense of a restrained historical work. The faux verde gris patination suggests an old bronze gate.
Country Estate Fencing and Gate detail Country Estate Fencing and Gate installed


English Country Gate
Crowning scrolls set into a reverse curve, and simple forged top details give this clean-lined gate a classical country look.
English Country Gate detail English Country Gate installed English Country Gate installed


Country Walk Gate
This English Country Gate is a blend of sweet hand-worked forging and scrollwork to soften the gate lines. Hand-hammered horizontals help bring the gate to scale as a generous pedestrian entrance. A medallion at the gate center makes a single piece of this double gate


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